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everybody else is sitting nicely while K8 are just dancing, making faces, singing and even hitting nishino kana’s head!!!!!

my god i love ruckus making k8 so much lol

omg those caps with the wings ala original ranger helmets are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the reason why honma dekka tv came up with these character observations


  1. subaru: im not an idol, im an artist
    - during the fan greeting, when they came out in their costumes, subaru sat with his feet sticking out. also didn’t show much emotion or excitement to things happening around him and maintained that demeanor for the entire conference.
    - at the moving greeting, subaru kept moving back and forth and looked disinterested, giving off a sense that he felt as if he was different from everyone else around him.
    - because he picked red as an image color, it appears as if he wanted to stand out and above
    - he also appears to be someone who would put more effort into doing his own personal projects than working within the group
    - also, because he tends to be a night person, it implies that he’s selfish and not concerned about others around him.
  2. ohkura: more than an idol i should have been a teacher. i probably made the wrong career move
    - when he listens to other people speak, he always is excited and gives them his full attention. also, when he sits, he sits at attention.
    - during the moving greeting, he gave the other members his full attention.
    - because he gives everyone the equal amount of attention and response, he has the qualities of a school teacher appeasing his students. playing fair.
    - by sitting firm and still, he proves that he isn’t lying and that he’s serious.
    − ohkura was the one that gives the most service to the audience.
    - while subaru is a type that’s more focused on himself, ohkura is more like a school teacher (ie, equally giving and attentive).
  3. ryo: I think I’m the most popular guy within kanjani8
    - he holds himself back because he thinks everyone will focus on him rather than the rest of the members.
    - during the fan greeting, he constantly sat with his arms crossed. during the film greeting, he stood with his hands crossed behind his back.
    - when the film greeting ended, he was the quickest to get off the stage.
    - because he always has his hands crossed, it makes it seem as if he’s not open to much imput. but holding his hands behind his back made the impression he really doesn’t have much confidence.
    - leaving early gives the impression that ryo he‘s natural idol. he’s conscious of what he does, so by leaving early he makes the audience want more of him and he’s aware of this.
    - because ryo is a person that would pay for a date’s dinner, one of the experts say that he would be the boyfriend, at a break up, that would want it all back. he should let the date pay occasionally to not make it seem as if he’s … rewarding? doing a favor? something like that. so it doesn’t end maliciously.
  4. hina: amazing how much ass he kisses
    - when hina came out during the fan greeting, he looked at the staff members and greeted them. he constantly looked at the director, spoke to the director, and occasionally mimicked what the director was doing.
    - when asked about people, he always drops big names and talks about the staff.
    - for someone his age to understand networking and getting “in the door” is pretty amazing for someone his age.
    − ohkura mentioned that hina knows everything about what’s going on at ntv. like, if he tells him he has a special coming up, hina is automatically asking for all the details. ohkura thinks he knows the business of even the big wigs in the company.
  5. yoko: well, anyway I don’t want to loose to murakami
    during the fan greeting, he sat with his legs extended to make himself look bigger on stage. whenever hina speaks, yoko immediately follows up. he has his mic ready for a response and everything.
    - whenever hina would do something, yoko would try to do something bigger than hina. yoko’s excuse was that they’ve always been on the same mark at concerts for at least 15 years, so its natural.
    - subaru mentions they do not hang out in private, yoko’s reply was that they’ve always done everything together for some many years that it just seemed overwhelming (for it to crossover into private matters)
    - in contrast, the experts said that hina tries to blow off yoko’s attempts at success. whenever yoko was talking, hina was spinning around in his chair. during the greeting, while yoko was talking, hina decided to talk to becky.
    - yoko feels as if when its not focused on him, hina tends to just talk to other people regardless of its him or not. but they dont have a bad relationship. they are pretty normal with each other.
  6. maru and yasu : nothing in particular
    they just dont have much a presence. even if they were to stand in the front, no one would see them.
    though, maru is an idiot. 
    - hina said he can’t concentrate, and subaru said that he’s slow at learning dances. maru defended that so much is coming at him that its hard but subaru was like even if you can’t do it, you still jerk around.
    - for yasu, they said that 80% of men in their 20s are exactly like yasu.

the final decision: kanjani8 has a well balanced personality set. its almost a miracle. never change.

this is really handy, thanks for translating and writing up this much.

i’d like to correct this one tho “but holding his hands behind his back made the impression he really doesn’t have much confidence.” the guy actually said exposing your belly is something that only someone with confidence can do because belly is usually a spot that one would defend but instead ryo doesn’t hide his belly.

overall, oh daaaamn, like k8 were so totally exposed. there were some points i’m iffy about just like the previous honma dekka episodes, but this time i believe the diagnoses more lol. and about yokohina, the subconcious rivalry between them. oh dang. but seems like it’s a positive rivalry though. though i felt bad at the use of 潰し (crushing) haha. but then hina earnestly said “i apologize” so like, the 15 years together really have shaped yoko and hina’s minds that they don’t even realize anymore

not the usual “human nature diagnosis” but it’s ” top secret infiltration diagnosis” this time. 
k8 were legit scared hearing their action/behavior have been observed closely in secret 

not the usual “human nature diagnosis” but it’s ” top secret infiltration diagnosis” this time. 

k8 were legit scared hearing their action/behavior have been observed closely in secret 


Orista 2014 No.29

ryo is the sole high socks wearer?

socks & sandals, subaru??

O__O they have slingbacks for men???


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anybody has video with the chopin part?