there are japanese eighters who are really ” aah….black hair”
not exactly disappointed but kinda pitying that the blonde is gone. also, pics of magazine mina that came out yesterday, ppl were really going “beautiful!!!” ” ah a beautiful photoshoot during the blonde!! <3” …….yikes

i can’t. yeah yeah yoko looks very pretty with the blonde, and yeah he pulls it off well but to me, the brown since november and the eventual blonde will never be more than late quarter-life crisis or early mid-life crisis lol. and yoko looks super handsome in black and like a 1st class douche in blonde 8D 

the back to black moment is absolutely PRAISE THE LORD moment.

japanese twitterers’ screencapping with the  ”kawaiii!!! kawaiiiii!!!” is very amusing and great, but sometimes they simply make me roll my eyes 8D




he saw the light omg

reading that subaru as a 5’5” man reminds me, yasu has long declared he’s 164.5 cm (which yoko doubts) and i’ve always thought subaru is 165 cm, for reasons i don’t remember. but during the k8 recomen recently (or was it subaraji?) subaru said he’s about 166-167 cm, in a non-joking voice. he said bc his shoulders are narrow he looks smaller than he actually is


you have the boyfriends…. then you have the male eighters, the sassy gay friends.

#and let me tell you#they&#8217;re growing in numbers if ajinomoto was any indication

oh yeay lol


you have the boyfriends…. then you have the male eighters, the sassy gay friends.


And people say he has no talents.

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Anonymous said: Thanks for answering so soon! And sorry if the "insight" part wasn't clear enough. She's really nice about the plump comments. I mean, she doesn't have stick legs cos she played volleyball in highschool, She appeared in Oshareism a couple months ago and really people stopped her wanting to touch her arms and cheeks and still she was a good sport about it. I was displeased when she was teased by her charity T-shirt size only cos she isn't an SS size but an S! D<

YEEEEESSSSSSS god i hate those comments so much! The SS size is practically kids’ size! XD So she’s not a stick like most Japanese ladies but she’s not fat at all! And I was amazed at her being ok at being touched by random people. Such a good sport! I would be mad lol.

oh oh, i forgot to mention that at the beginning i think the shabekuri guys said that Mito-chan likes Tokui? I’m not 100% clear but seems Mito-chan has said that she likes Tokui before.

hmm, i was wrong to think ryo doesn’t get varied roles anymore. onmyouya-san was definitely not a nice guy. omotenashika and dakishimetai back to back movie roles with similar characters, made me all worried about ryo’s acting getting hampered. also gomenne seishun’s character doesn’t sound that interesting at the surface but surely kudokan has stuff up his sleeve. i hope.

if movie lead offers are all gonna be nice guy, i’d rather he not lead movies but instead play interesting even if small supporting roles

Anonymous said: I'm a big fan of Mito-chan too and I'd appreciate if you give some insight about the Shabekuri guy asking her out in the show.

insight? I don’t really understand what you mean but here it is.

it wasn’t for real. the segment was about “things i’ve never said publicly before” and the board was questions, like “are you going to be a free announcer?” (not strictly employed by a tv station - she’s currently an ntv announcer) “what would you do if you weren’t plump?” and the Tokui-san (that shabekuri guy) question “If Tokui-san seriously hit on you would you go out with him?”

So the Shabekuri guys made him acting out confessing “suki” in a real way to her. She replied “yes” unconsciously. After which she was a bit flustered bc she didn’t really mean to say yes hahaha. She said bc ppl don’t usually talk about liking her so earnestly so “yes” just blurted out. For bigger context, Tokui has stated on Shabekuri and possibly other shows, repeatedly that he likes Mito-ana. But in a playful way, as a viewer.

he said “i’m so sleepy” and arita hit him for real

shitsurei yoooo ohkuraaaaa!!!!!!! XD

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