Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui got Friday’d again…just not together.

Last year it was reported that the couple had broken up, however it appears that Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui got back together.

When the rumours about them dating first started, they lived 4minutes away from each other, now they live 0minutes away from each other. In a move never before seen in the entertainment industry, they now live in the same building.

Before Nishikido would visit Aragaki’s apartment up to twice a week, now we have no idea. Because the press isn’t allowed into the building they’re free to visit each other as often as they want and there won’t be any shots of them together. Even if they are seen entering the building together its not odd, they both live there after all.

You may wonder why this is being reported as the couple getting back together, well, ask yourself, why would you specifically move into the same mansion as the person you just broke up with, unless you got back together.

lol ok. i still do like Gakki very much so yay! i guess?

imma be a bitch now


can ppl not repost jwebs?

like, srsly

maybe y’all must be new to fandom or something but johnny’s hasn’t been the nicest of agencies to us foreign fans. actually, johnny’s are a bunch of dicks and they do a lot of dick ass things. 

but as long as we follow the rules, shit runs smooth.

johnny’s does not allow reposting. its like translated in like 5 languages, to not repost jweb. yet, people keep reposting jweb online. idky tho. is it for attention? like do people want to gain like 50 billion followers or some shit?

jweb used to be a japan exclusive service. it just recently became an international service more almost three years ago and finally started to be professionally translated within the last year. 

all johnny’s ask of us to do is just pay a lousy 3 bucks a month and the unexciting world of our biases is at our finger tips. 

and yet why is that so hard for people? like why do they insist on screencapping journal entries and shit and reposting them like it doesn’t matter that other fans are paying for the service. 

and why even bother to translate the jwebs if they’re already being professionally translated?? why not simply encourage fans to subscribe to the service thus improving numbers and showing the agency that there is a growing international market????

this is why international fandoms can’t have nice things. because international fandom always gotta be fucking shit up. johnny’s already took away the jfc/jweb videos down from their website because idiots kept reposting the shits on their blogs and shit despite the 5 language warning not to do it.

what makes you think that johnny’s won’t start taking away jweb access by restricting it to japan residences again? or japan only credit cards?

like, come on fandom, its not that hard to just follow some basic rules to keep the gravy train rollin’, okay? do you people really want to return to the dark ages? cause, let me tell you, dark ages of johnny’s fandom wasn’t so much fun.


yeah it was Ryo that prompted me to find out about Saito Kazuyoshi
then, after I knew and loved Uta Utai no Ballad, this is the song that made me buy my first Saito’s album. because I absolutely couldn’t find a full song download anywhere. So I bought “I LOVE ME”

read some Clover by Chiya Toriko

Found that Ohkura’s new movie’s source material has 7 volumes translated (out of 24 volumes) so I  speed-read it. (here or here)

What prompted me to read: saw some pages of the sex scenes on twitter lol. It’s mainly a romance manga, the sex scenes are not vulgar, and not that many.

The story is 100% MANGA-ISH i hurt my eyes a couple times rolling my eyes too hard. The main character, Suzuki Saya is the typical innocent & naive girl, oblivious of her own attractiveness, A BUNDLE OF INSECURITIES and naivety and just not the most appealing character, if you get my drift here. The guy, Tsuge Susumu is the tall, handsome, rich, don’t talk much, 7 years older than Saya. He is her direct boss. At the start of the manga she has been working in the company for a few months. He is very stern, strict, etc in ordering Saya around. But one day ~suddenly~ he just asked her out. As the description says: Do-S tsundere boss. After some back and forth they got together. So it’s not the kind of story that the couple only becomes a couple at the very end but about their relationship and her friends’ relationships. And of course, 3rd person(s). Bc what’s a romance story without love triangles y’know. The story is very basic: she’s soooooooo insecure, he’s soooooo patient and loving and caring but JUST CAN’T SHOW IT. After each fight/misunderstand/problem/jealousy/etc she (or he, sometimes) realizes how she’s just being stupid yadda yadda yadda and they make up (and make out). Let me say once again: I rolled my eyes A LOT reading this XD. There is growth in Saya’s maturity, throughout. Slow, not exactly eliminate the annoyingness but there is character development XD

Casting is true to the manga, Saya is 21 and Tsuge is 28. I can imagine already how Takei’s gonna be pretty annoying as Saya augh. And idk if Ohkura can pull off that silent and cool guy without being WOODEN. I’m also “excited” to see if they’re gonna put in sex scenes. It’s Takei Emi we’re talking about haha. And a Johnnys. The story is definitely a mune-kyun type, but super cliched, imo. You can be sure Ohkura’s fans are gonna increase even more lol

Kanjani8 for Okashina CM

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all that karaoke watching on shiwake actually amounted to an endorsement
didn’t expect a tv cm thought it’d be posters and internet promo only


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2/14 Mステ キングオブ男


From Mar 31 to Apr 11 TV Tokyo is gonna air a special live show, Tokyo Live~! (of Life, idk), whose host is alternating Johnny’s talents. Monday is Koyama, Tue Mabo, Wed Aiba, Thu Tsuyoshi, and Friday will be Yasu. It’s slated to be at 11:58 pm

From Mar 31 to Apr 11 TV Tokyo is gonna air a special live show, Tokyo Live~! (of Life, idk), whose host is alternating Johnny’s talents. Monday is Koyama, Tue Mabo, Wed Aiba, Thu Tsuyoshi, and Friday will be Yasu. It’s slated to be at 11:58 pm