any ideas what album/release K8 is gonna do in the fall?

i *hope* there’s no more singles because it’s been FOUR this year -___- 
mou juubun deshou

but if there is to be one more single, it will probably be for Ryo’s drama. 
TBS nichiyou gekijou doesn’t do stupid songs. Drama themes for nichiyou gekijou are usually great songs. On one hand, an opportunity for K8 to do a great single. On the other hand, i’m thinking let’s let another musician do it. Or maybe just a great tune like Hanzawa Naoki’s theme. (haha, as if. that tune was special)

As for album/10th anniversary release material, what will they do?
A cover album like TOK10 would be great and what i’ve imagined, but they’re already kind of doing it with Jussai performances. And it’d simply be unoriginal. K8 is never unoriginal XD. I would love a rerecording of early stuff bc their vocals are much better now (like Romanesque). In the end, whatever they announce, I hope I’ll be thoroughly surprised and delighted by it. K8 has always done this to me for so many years ♥. So expectations are high yo 8D

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    And don’t forget the memorable “Magical Summer”!! XDDD But probably we’ll have at least one more single (for Ryo’s drama...
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    yes all of that
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    On that note, I want 2008 tour released!! Plus more of 2006!!! There were more than one tour in 06, but we only got heat...
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    I want an unreleased songs CD with songs as do you agree, marmaid, shichinin no samurai (and maybe teh unreleased solos...
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